Night Train Market – Ratchada

To be honest I don’t really like markets but… This place really awesome. As almost every market in Thailand, Night Train Ratchada (Thai: ตลาดนัดรถไฟ รัชดา) offers you plenty of nice and quite cheap stuff. Plus you can find a huge variety of food such as seafood, barbecue, Thai food and so. And it’s absolutely amazing photo-object for photographers.



Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station.
Proceed to the exit 3.
Then go to the Esplanade Mall. Pass through the mall (or go around it) and the market is located right behind it.

So, location is pretty convenient and it’s not difficult to find it. If you want to take a nice photo of the market from above – read following paragraphs.

Market to explore

When you enter the market you will see first few rows filled with different kind of food (as was mentioned before). Don’t hesitate walking and checking what they’ve got. Be aware that most of the traders do not provide the place to sit, but you can buy your food and go to any of bars around, buy a drink and enjoy your food.

After nice dinner it will be a good idea to look around and check what other nice stuff they’ve got at the market (clothes, crafts etc.)

Remember. It opens every day except Monday. It opens Tue – Sun. Best time to go – in the evening after 17:30.

Market to photograph

A lot of people would like to take a picture of the market from the top – which looks incredible. For that view you need to use a lift and go to the highest level of the car park at the Esplanade mall. It’s a great photo-spot used by many photographers so there might be already some people capturing the beauty. Enjoy photographing or simply observing  colours of the market.


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